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Joan Stine Award


Joan L. Stine is the former Director of the Center for Health Promotion, Education, and Tobacco Use Prevention at the Maryland Department of Health (MDH). Starting at MDH when smoking was still permissible inside state office buildings, Ms. Stine championed and advocated for stronger tobacco prevention and control regulation across Maryland with great success. During her time as Center Director, virtually all indoor workplaces in Maryland, including bars and restaurants, became smoke-free; the framework for the historic Master Settlement Agreement dollars coming into Maryland was established into the Cigarette Restitution Fund, as she led staff support to the Governor’s Task Force to End Smoking in Maryland; the Maryland Tobacco Quitline was launched; and she established Maryland’s two long-standing tobacco resource centers that have aided countless Marylanders: the Legal Resource Center for Public Health Policy at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law and the Maryland Resource Center for Quitting Use and Initiation of Tobacco (MDQuit) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Upon her retirement from MDH, Ms. Stine has advocated for healthy parents, families, and communities through the creation of nurturing relationships during early child development. She has served as the Chair of Maryland Essentials for Childhood; a member of the State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect; a member of the Children’s Justice Act Committee; a board member of the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence; a board member of the Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women; and a Circle of Security Parenting trainer.

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